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TealTech Capital

Venture Fund TealTech Capital was founded in 2016. TealTech Capital is the first Venture Fund in Russia based on the “teal” principle. TealTech Capital is a strategic partner, which can help your project become independent. TealTech Capital supports projects based on modern management practices and platform solutions. The project is customer oriented, opened and honest towards its clients, as well as investors.


Alphaccelerator is a fund focused on the early stages projects. The Alphaccelerator Team provides developing of Portfolio companies by thoroughly analyzing of market potential and defining long-term strategies of the project, preparing projects for spreading on the international market, composing and fixing financial model, engaging partners and clients. Projects aimed at transformation and enhancing the efficiency of their industries are a priority for Alphaccelerator.


The ecosystem for developing technological start-ups, including expert community, acceleration program, investments, focused on the establishment of a long-term partnership with start-ups.


TealDANCE – is a Russian start-up accelerator in China which is supported by TealTech. We are located in Beijing and Shenzhen – two technological centers of China.


The main aim of TechAudit is to provide for each country’s technological development project the high-quality analytics and expert officials. The startup exists from August 2017 and has already reached the break-even level.


TealVentures is a venture fund based in San-Francisco and focused on selecting projects in the field of IT-solutions for healthcare, digital medicine and everything related to new health services for the US and international markets.


Startech — accelerator for technology startups with an emphasis on collaboration with corporations. Accelerator aims to create ecosystems for the development of technological enterprises in Russia and the world.

Digital City

Digital City - one of TealTech Community accelerator. Fields of activity: investments and development of start-ups in the field of urban management. Priority areas: mathematical modeling, smart city, smart utilities, smart transport.
team - The main long-term objective of the fund is to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem. We want people to be able to easily open and honestly conduct business, focusing on decent role models. Help to mature entrepreneurs have access to investments, talented employees, could openly share experiences and share successes. And together we would change the quality of life for the better.

Our evolutionary purpose is beneficial

For people

Useful goods and services for consumers become available on the market.We firmly believe that our efforts will create new opportunities, and improve daily life.

For entrepreneurs

That is an interesting creative work that allows you to unleash your talent and gives you an opportunity to develop yourself in different ways and projects.

For country

The economic prosperity. Russia needs entrepreneurs and people which will turn ideas and money into effective businesses. Our start-up projects will grow up into successful businesses and improve Russia’s welfare.

TealTech is

Common goals and approaches

TealTech – is a community of companies that are bound together by shared approaches and evolutionary purpose. The project became the implementation of the idea of integration and full support for young teams that come to the market to change the world for the better.

10000 entrepreneur teams

The founders of TealTech project aimed to find a new cost-effective forms of investment and support of entrepreneurs in order to bring a lot of co-investors, allowing self-actualization for 10 000 entrepreneur teams for the benefit of society.

Business support teams

At the beginning of 2019, several business support teams operating in the forms of the venture funds and accelerators were already active participants of TealTech Setting. Together they have invested in more than 40 companies.

TealTech’s Approach


  • Success can be reached by companies with the Evolutionary Purpose. Such companies can clearly understand what will be changed for the better in the case of their success.
  • With honest attitude to their clients and customers. With focuse on the achievement of the evolutionary goal, creates the appropriate conditions for realization of talents for each member of the team which is based on confidence and self-management.
  • Developing as a network without hierarchy which is integrating both relationships inside and outside the company.
  • Building like a platforms and replacing corporations.
  • Without precise boundaries and take udvantage not only of the power of the company, but of the clients and outside teams.
  • Developing and living as an organism, not functioning and operating as a machinery.
  • Success for business: incomes exceed costs, client is satisfied and ready to recommend company to the friends; growth prospects, model is scalable.


  • For the long-term success, It is necessary to introduce new technologies continuously, for example, DANCE (Data, Algorithms, Network, Cloud, Equipment) etc.
  • Technologies are essential for business success in the modern world.
  • Technologies must be introduced reasonably in accordance with cost-effectiveness.
  • It is important to monitor the technological landscape to be aware of the new technologies and the level of development of countries.
  • Above Hardware technology, there are also Software and management technologies.
  • The most important is the technological effectiveness of those business processes which produce the key values for the client, because they provide collaboration with the clients and they take the highest proportion of expenses.
  • Technologies are one of the most important aspects of the company`s image of any business spheres.


  • An interesting creative work that gives you an opportunity to unleash your talent.
  • First of all, the main goals for the entrepreneur are the creation of values for society, which reflects in profit, and self-realization.
  • The 21st century is the time of mass spread of entrepreneurship and division of entrepreneurial work.
  • Entrepreneurial talent is the same skill as driving a car that can be achieved by every person.
  • Such abilities as to see the opportunities; the fearlessness of mistakes and ability to make a correct conclusion from these mistakes; to differ confidence from adventurism; teamwork; to negotiate; to inspire people; to set goals and achieve them, incorporates in entrepreneur skill.


  • We are sure that people which are complementary to each other but united in a team are more effective than entrepreneur which is working alone.
  • Production unit in a modern society is defined as a team, not as an individual.
  • The success of the project depends, above all, on the quality of the team, but not only the quality of ideas or plan.
  • The success of the team depends, above all, on the quality of interaction of its members, but not only the skills of the members.


  • Investments are not only financial input but also the contribution of time and human capital. We invest only in a case when we can give a significant contribution to the project, more than just money.
  • As profit is not our main aim, we will get high investment feedback, in this way we will prove the importance of value creation for society and will attract new investors to such model.
  • There are many followers of that approach among potential partners which can find out and unleash the entrepreneurial talent in people.
  • There are many people able to become entrepreneurs, and they need a special support model which we need to find and realize.
  • We are investing in accordance with the LeanTealTech model highlighting three steps of the project: the test of value hypothesis, the test of growth hypothesis, expansion, and release. For the first two steps, the capitalization of the project is on the low level, while investments for verification of the project are minimal and the most important on these steps is the rate of work.


  • Want their work to bring real value.
  • Everyone can continiously improve the world.
  • Strive to do their job effectively and don`t need permanent control and guidance.
  • Tend to be conscientious.
  • Capable to diversify and increase their skills.
  • Strive for success.
  • Talent discovery is more effectively than guidance.
  • Confidence in the organization prevails under the control.
  • Everyone has talents.

«Business »

  • Business can be profitable in accordance with the law without any preferences from the government.
  • There is a ‘bad’ profit which is received from a dissatisfied customer or from the useless or harmful product.
  • The satisfied customers and word-of-mouth are far more effective than promotion, PR and marketing.
  • Promotion, PR, and marketing have to be honest and useful for the consumer. It’s important to remember that the advertisement is paid by the consumer.




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